New track emerges...

Pure Love unveiled their new track 'Bury My Bones' on Radio 1 last night - listen to it below.

Some of you may be rather sleepy today...

Radio 1 had the first play of Pure Love's new track 'Bury My Bones' last night, but sadly the event took place after midnight. Sure, we now have iPlayer and internet rips but nothing compares to nestling beside the radio, waiting for the song to come through.

'Bury My Bones' is the project's first full length track, and comes equipped with a YouTube stream which you can hear below.

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If you fancy claiming 'Bury My Bones' for yourself, then Pure Love are giving it away via their official website.

ClashMusic recently tracked down Pure Love to discuss their recent recording sessions. “I don’t ever want to compare this to any of our previous bands,” Frank Carter explained. “We’ve got happiness and we are not angry young men anymore, we are happy young men. We’re still going to put the same amount of passion and energy into our delivery and the shows, it’s just going to be in a different way. I won’t be missing lines because I’m fucking killing someone, I’ll be missing lines because I’ll be having a fucking great time.”

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