From Soulwax, Calibre and Aston Shuffle

Joe Goddard is streaming a second package of remixes based on his single 'Gabriel'.

'Gabriel' is the gift that keeps on giving. Initially written by vocalist Valentina as a folk influenced piece, Joe Goddard slapped a Garage beat underneath before playing around with some House textures.

Released 12 months ago, 'Gabriel' has earned a place in the bag of some top DJs. Sparking airplay in unexpected places, the song even waltzed its way to number one on the South African charts recently.

As a result, Joe Goddard has unveiled a second package of remixes. Soulwax were brought in to re-work 'Gabriel' and the Belgian outfit deliver a typically crowd-pleasing blast of shimmering electro.

Calibre add a drum 'n' bass beat to 'Gabriel' while The Ashton Shuffle dis-mantle the vocals to leave a throbbing, euphoric piece of house music.

Stream the remix package HERE.

ClashMusic spoke to Joe Goddard about the making of 'Gabriel' last year. "I think dance records are always good when they touch on religious themes, when they’ve got that gospel feeling" he said. "That runs through dance music often and I just thought these words were perfect. I built the music, the strings and the bass line around those words. It came together just very naturally – I think because the song is really strong".

Read the full feature HERE.

Collected as a package, 'Gabriel Remixes Part Deux' will be given a digital release on April 3rd.

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