By Those Beats and Daniel Trim

Glaswegian producer Grum is lining up a full release of 'The Theme' - check out some remixes exclusively on Clash.

There's a vein of science fiction running through Glasgow. A true Victoria city, the area was a hub for invention, and then decay as its industrial wealth and prosperity dissipated. A hub for science fiction and comic book writers, Glasgow has always long been a stronghold for electronic music.

With that in mind, it's perhaps fitting that Grum has enjoyed such a resurgence across the past 12 months. Once viewed strictly as a fidget house don, Grum returned with 'The Theme' at the tail end of 2012.

Based on Simple Minds' 'Theme For Great Cities' it's a future driven work of underground house with some sharp tech overtones.

Out on Monday (September 9th) the full EP release for 'The Theme' contains numerous remixes. With the weekend fast approaching, Clash are able to offer exclusive streams of two re-workings...

Spanish producer Daniel Trim takes the euphoric original in an unexpected direction, achieving that late night feel with no small amount of Mediterranean percussive flair. Fellow Glaswegian types Those Beats take the track even further, looking for that blissful, end-of-the-night comedown feeling.

Stream both remixes below.

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