'The Lorentz Contraction'

Blanck Mass has uploaded a chilled out mix to his SoundCloud page - stream it now!

Better known as one half of F Buttons, Benjamin John Power began work on an inventive solo project last year. Using the name Blanck Mass, the London based producer focussed on the interactions between urban environments and the natural world.

Throw into this an interest in the effects of too little oxygen reaching the brain, and Blanck Mass delivered a striking debut album.

Self-titled, the album was released earlier this year. Intriguing soundscapes which often skirted on ambient territories, Blanck Mass allowed its material to unfold over the course of lengthy tracks.

Rock Action handled the release, and in true ClashMusic style the office got rather hot under the collar. Grab a free preview via our Track Of The Day section HERE!

Now Blanck Mass has followed the release of the album with a fresh summer mix. In keeping with the style of the album the tempos never really cause you to break sweat although the variety of production styles is deeply impressive.

Managing to include Hype Williams and The KLF in the same mix, Blanck Mass produces something which seems to suck the listener in through the speaker. Introspective - at times quite dark - the mix is ultimately soothing and makes a neat counterpoint to the studio album.

Stream 'The Lorentz Contraction' below...

'The Lorentz Contraction' - Blanck Mass Summer 2011 Mix by Blanck Mass

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Clara Rockmore - Valse Sentimentale
Roedelius - Regenmacher
Doris Norton - Norton Apple Software
Caboladies - Crowded
Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers
Ashra - Deep Distance
Ennio Morricone - Il Tramonto (The Sundown)
Hype Williams - Blue Dream
Tangerine Dream - Movements of a Visionary
Delia Gonazalez & Gavin Russom - Relevee
Chris Watson - Ol-Olool-O
Birds Of Delay - Untitled (taken from 'The Cut')
Astral Social Club - Mügik Churn
Iasos performing on the Throne
Gas - 1 (taken from 'Zauberberg')
Mme, Ravao & Rajoro - Anio No Mba Hisoka
Mick Clarke - Time To Remember
J.P Decerf - The Fire Fighter
Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn
Erik Satie - Trois Sonneries de la Rose
The KLF - Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold

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