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Morning Phase

Billed as a sequel of sorts to 2002's 'Sea Change', forthcoming album 'Morning Phase' seems to find Beck returning to meditative, acoustic fare.

Yet this is often where Beck is strongest. Sure, the American artist can enter surreal realms, breaking boundaries in the process - but when Beck Hansen plays it straight he can break your heart.

'Morning Phase' is set to be released on February 24th, but NPR are streaming it ahead of release.

Listen to it here.

Of course, Clash have already heard the album - with reviewer Reef Younis arguing that "his album is less about the comeback, more about closure" in his 8/10 review.

Clash spoke to Beck at the tail end of last year, just as the sessions for 'Morning Phase' were coming to an end. A revealing, insightful Q&A session with the ever-enthralling songwriting, you can find it HERE.

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