Norwegian newcomer is bound by a gossamer beauty...

Norwegian newcomer Strangelove seemed to state his case with his opening track.

Releasing his first EP in 2015, the Scandinavian artist matched wonderful, hazy production to those killer vocals, and hooks that grabbed you from miles away.

It's something he's refined ever since. Each track seems to grow in intensity, with Strangelove raising to fresh, higher levels.

New cut 'From Heights' drops via Luft Recordings, and it's a brooding, subtle return, one that is bound by a gossamer beauty.

He explains: “The track is about going back and forth in a relationship, giving and taking in different turns. It’s more pop-y than what I’ve done previously, and I like that. There’s a certain dissonance between the message and the vibe of the production.”

Tune in now.

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