ClashMusic gets a sneaky peak...

Welsh wizards of rock Stereophonics have finished their new album - and ClashMusic has heard an amazing preview!

Formed in the small town of Cwmaman Stereophonics began life as a covers band before singer Kelly Jones began channelling his frustration at small town life into his own rock-driven material.

Snapped up by V2 the band's debut album 'Word Gets Around' marked them out as a group with huge potential. Commercial breakthrough 'Performance And Cocktails' was followed by internal strife, as drummer Stuart Cable departed.

However the band bounced back with the album 'You Gotta Go There To Come Back' and their epic single 'Dakota'. Achieving international success, Stereophonics are one of the biggest bands in the country.

Returning to the UK to work on their new album, Stereophonics are preparing to do release the collection later this year. Details are scarce, yet ClashMusic was able to catch a glimpse of the new album recently...

Anna Meacham reports...

"Their rock ‘n’ roll disregard to what music everyone else is making is the reason behind the Stereophonics unique brand of fun but fuming music. It’s the punchy hooks, dynamic percussion and the oh so soothing, but unsettling, voice of front man Kelly Jones which has put the band on the map, and their new album takes this agitated, upbeat vibe to a new level."

"They’ve introduced new moments of synths to the old moments of downbeat rock and come out with an album fuelled with enthusiasm and individualism. It's going to be hard not to love this."

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