Live show announced

Squarepusher is set to play a live show at the Roundhouse on March 30th.

Conceived as an audio / visual project, 'Ufabulum' found Squarepusher returning to a more purist view of electronic music. Dropping his bass guitar excursions, the producer hooked up to an array of equipment to produce one of his most blistering, unrelenting albums in years.

Taking the material into the live domain, Squarepusher has constructed a stunning, complex show. Clash went along to a recent date, and returned with our sense blown: “It’s hard to imagine how LEDs can create such a spectacle, but when you’ve got thousands of them as a backdrop, lining the stage, on the front of your setup... The result (is) an engulfing visual journey into something not too dissimilar to the ‘Tron’ universe, sound tracked by Jenkinson’s suitably otherworldly, schizophrenic electronic brilliance”.

Now Squarepusher has confirmed a new show at the Roundhouse. Taking place on March 30th, the date will feature a live 'Ufabulum' performance alongside a number of special guests.

Here's a preview clip:

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Squarepusher is set to play the following show:

30 London Roundhouse

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