'Sob Story' due on June 3rd

Spectrals are set to return, with new album 'Sob Story' set to be released through Wichita on June 3rd.

Funny thing, 'lo fi'. The way technology has progressed, aspiring songwriters are able to construct professional level studios in their bedroom with relative ease.

Yet Spectrals' debut album 'Bad Penny' was most definitely lo-fi. A scratchy, beguiling piece of work, it found Yorkshire based Louis Jones stretching his creative wings.

Now he's ready to return. New album 'Sob Story' was constructed with assistance from Girls' Chet JR White and will be released on Wichita this summer.

Out on June 3rd, it's a sprawling affair which touches on numerous influences. However Louis Jones names Welsh rocker Dave Edmunds as a particular source of inspiration, claiming that he was “trying to cop some of those Country and Rockabilly licks he does”.

Curious. Here's preview cut 'Milky Way'.

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'Sob Story is set to be released on June 3rd. Tracklisting:

1. Let Me Cave In
2. A Heartbeat Behind
3. Karaoke
4. Sob Story
5. Milky Way
6. Friend Zone
7. Limousine
8. Something To Cry About
9. Blue Whatever
10. Keep Your Magic Out of My House
11. Gentle
12. In A Bad Way


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