Louis Jones to retire moniker

Spectrals has decided to retire his moniker, cancelling all upcoming shows.

Sometimes good people just don't get the breaks. Leeds based artist Louis Jones has produced two wonderful albums under his Spectrals moniker, fusing clattering garage rock with a deeply personal sensibility.

The most recent of these, 'Sob Story', seemed to mark a breakthrough of sorts. "Finally" fans thought, "Spectrals will get their due". Well, Louis Jones has other ideas. The songwriter has decided to retire the Spectrals name, cancelling all upcoming shows in the process.

There's no sign if Jones is entirely finished with music, but it's nonetheless a shame to see one of the UK's truly individual voices step away from the mic.

Check out a Their Library feature with Spectrals HERE. New to their music? Listen to 'Sob Story' below.

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