Hip hop crews in Miami incident

American hip hop talent SpaceGhostPurrp has been arrested following an altercation with members of the A$AP Mob.

Hip hop thrives on beefs. Sharing a similar, forward thinking aesthetic A$AP Mob and SpaceGhostPurrp’s Raider Klan crew had been thought to be on good terms. Collaborating extensively in the past, the two groups seemed to share a healthy rivalry – until a sharp falling out earlier this year.

Parting company, the crews began taunting each other on social media. A$AP Mob journeyed to Miami’s Fillmore venue last night for a show, and in doing so entered prime Raider Klan turf.

Complex reports that the taunting then took on a menacing tone, with members of Raider Klan sizing up their opponents. Rushing the tour bus, an enormous brawl then broke out between up to thirty members of the respective crews.

Police arrived quickly, with SpaceGhostPurrp being arrested. The rapper was not taken into custody, and later posted the following clip of the incident to YouTube.


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