'Welcome To Mikrosector 50' due in Autumn

Space Dimension Controller is set to release his debut album 'Welcome To Mikrosector 50' through R&S this Autumn.

For those who say electronic music is lacking in wit and imagination, ClashMusic would like to introduce you to Space Dimension Controller.

A reclusive producer and DJ, instead of shrouding himself in anonymity Space Dimension Controller has built a fantastic alter ego. Claiming to be a visitor from the future, the producer has re-christened himself Mr 8040 and raised merry hell across European dancefloors for over two years now.

Working on his own material, the 'The Pathway To Tiraquon' introduced an artist who wasn't afraid to take risks. Now Space Dimension Controller has confirmed plans for his debut album, with 'Welcome To Mikrosector 50' set to be released this Autumn.

Here's some typically fantastic blurb:

"Prior to leaving for Earth, Mr8040 witnessed the oppressive Microsektor 50 Law Federation enforce draconian measures on his planets people, consequently banning all forms of music. Traveling back in time to Earth was his only hope of saving his planet and our future. Having finished his LP and with reports of his philandering ways causing havoc with the space-time continuum, Mr8040 must now make the long journey forward in time to find out if his galactic funk prescription has saved the Universe. "

A quick video preview has also emerged online, watch it below.

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Space Dimension Controller is set to release 'Welcome To Mikrosector 50' in Autumn.

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