While 'The Whitey Album' is unearthed...
Daydream Nation

Currently on extended hiatus, Sonic Youth have retained curatorship of their back catalogue.

In a new website posting, the New York band have confirmed that renewed attention is set to be paid to their pre-Geffen output.

The project starts, appropriately enough, with their titanic 1988 double album 'Daydream Nation'. Regularly cited as one of the finest LPs to emerge from the 80s underground, it remains a thrilling, deeply influential listen even after all this time.

The original CD and double LP editions are to be re-issued, alongside a re-pressing of 1988 curio 'The Whitey Album'. Recorded under the name Ciconne Youth, the album features contributions from Mike Watt and Greg Ginn and includes the odd (extremely odd) cover or two.

Out on June 10th, the 'Daydream Nation' / 'The Whitey Album' re-issues will be followed by "LP and CD editions of Sonic Youth’s currently out-of-print pre-Geffen catalog including Bad Moon Rising, EVOL, Sister, Confusion is Sex and a DVD edition of Screaming Fields of Sonic Love w/ bonus material."

Here's 'Teenage Riot'.

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