Rocker dismisses own back catalogue

Interviewed in Issue 32 of Clash magazine in support of his latest album 'Cardinology' with his band The Cardinals, Ryan Adams has dismissed his solo records as "crap".

Talking about the working methods of The Cardinals, Adams explained the egalitarian set-up stating: "I shouldn't lead or teach. I'm just there to apply whatever kinetic energy that's creative... Because I made solo records and they were all crap."

Shock news for fans of his commercially and critically acclaimed solo albums such as 'Gold' and 'Heartbreaker' and his relentless creativity.

He goes on: "I was a young man. I was experimenting. I was trying to find myself and my sound and sometimes that takes some explorations and dead ends." Adams then qualifies his outburst by admitting, "Well, I mean they weren’t crap, but they weren’t this good. They weren’t as good as it is playing with the guys now."

'Cardinology' is out now on Lost Highway. Issue 32 of Clash is out now.

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