Alex Kapranos apologises for media scrum...
Franz Ferdinand

There are finite possibilities within the pop song.

There are only so many times, for example, that 'moon' can be rhymed with 'June' before the lawyers are called and the courtrooms begin to fill up.

Pharrell Williams recently assisted Paloma Faith in the writing of new single 'Can't Rely On You'. Based around a cute, bluesy riff, it bore more than a passing resemblance to Franz Ferdinand's breakout hit 'Take Me Out'.

Writing on Twitter, the band's Alex Kapranos said: "Hey @Pharrell - I love your tunes. If you want to borrow a riff, just ask..."

The comment was re-tweeted almost 1000 times, with several media outlets reporting on the missive.

Realising the extent of the coverage, Alex Kapranos then apologised to Pharrell for unwittingly drawing him into a media scrum.

So what do you think? Check out both tracks below, then have your say on the Clash Twitter feed.

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