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Imploding in quite dramatic and iconic circumstances in 1998, the legacy of Swedish punks Refused can be felt far from the hardcore scene which spawned them.

Shocking fans with their 2012 reformation, the band proved that they still had the chops, introducing a fresh generation to their intense live show.

Parting company as a New Year dawned, frontman Dennis Lyxzén continued work on current project INVSN. More post-punk in tone than his previous endeavours, their upcoming self-titled album (previous releases were sung in Swedish, this utilises English) will gain a full British release later this year.

Clash were granted some time with the singer, and were able to chew the fat on his latest project. However we just couldn't resist asking if Refused were really - after all they've been through - dead.

"When Refused broke up in 1998 we didn’t like each other all that much" he admits. "We didn’t like each other, we didn’t like the music – it was horrible. When we played our last show in December 2012 there was hugs, there was laughter, there was good times. We left it a bit open ended."

"I mean, there are no plans, there are no up and coming projects but we definitely left it a bit open and we’re still fucking really good friends and that 2012 year was fantastic. That was such a rewarding year just personally and musically and everything. We’d be fools to just dismiss that completely from our lives."

However Dennis Lyxzén was keen to underline his commitment to INVSN. "Right now my focus is on INVSN and making the most with this band" the singer insists. "I think that no matter what happens with this band and in the future if there is to be more Refused… I see INVSN being our band for a long time ahead. I see a future with this band."

"As I said, we’re lucky" he continued. "When you’re a kid you start a band with your best friends, as you go older your bands become weird, very complex… (just) people you play in bands with."

"We’re lucky because INVSN is one of those bands where the five people that I play with onstage are the five people that I hang out with everyday when I’m at home. We’ve been friends forever, everybody’s played in bands forever, we all know what we want out of life and out of music and it’s definitely a band that I see tonnes more records and tonnes more touring. That’s a very exciting prospect."

'INVSN' is due to be released on July 7th via Razor & Tie. Check back soon for a full interview with Dennis Lyxzén.

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