Tired Pony working on new material

Snow Patrol and R.E.M. side project Tired Pony are set to commence work on their second album.

Taking time off from Snow Patrol, Gary Lightbody found that he couldn't stop writing songs. A chance meeting with R.E.M. star Peter Buck suddenly gave him an outlet, with the guitarist suggesting a collaboration.

Naming themselves Tired Pony, the resulting album was a surprising release. Much more stripped back than their days jobs, the record was the sound of two songwriters enjoying each other's company.

Dragging a few friends along for the ride, Jacknife Lee oversaw sessions. Pitched somewhere between country music and Lightbody's native indie, Tired Pony played a handful of dates this summer.

Thought to have been a one off, Tired Pony have revealed that they are set to head back into the studio early next year. "We're going to tour the states at the end of this month and we'll go into the studio to make the new album next year," Gary Lightbody told Spinner.

"Snow Patrol will be recording the new album from November to the end of January and when it's finished I'll go in and record the new Tired Pony album in February."

Debut album 'The Place We Ran From' appeared to be an effortless collaboration, recorded in a matter of weeks. Currently working on new material, Tired Pony are apparently set to take a blues direction.

"We're probably going to make it Nashville or in Memphis," he explained. "What we're going to do (with each successive album) is make it in a different city and then use musicians from that city."

"So with Memphis, you'll have big horns and more of a bluesy kind of feel and we'll make it a bit more tougher."

Tired Pony are due to release their new album in Spring 2011.

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