Paul Gray passed away last month

Slipknot bass player Paul Gray's death has been ruled an overdose by the Polk Country Medical Examiner.

Slipknot were one of the foremost groups in nu metal. Sure, not everyone could stomach grown men wearing masks and playing grinding, doom-laden rock but for their fans the band were spectacular.

Selling countless million records across the globe, the band's percussion led industrial-metal sound pushed them into the forefront of the music scene. Returning with a new album, Slipknot had intended to tour across the globe.

However those plans to cancelled after the sad death of bass player Paul Gray. A founding member of Slipknot, the bassist was found dead by service staff at a hotel in Pol Country while on tour.

Speculation immediately rose about the bass player's drug habit, with Paul Gray having admitted in the past to using drugs.

Now the coroner's report has been released and it seems as if the musician's death was indeed drugs related. Polk County Medical Examiner Dr Gregory Schmunk issued the death certificate on Friday (June 18th) confirming the news.

The bass player was the victim of a lethal combination of morphine and the narcotic painkiller fentanyl - both injectable substances. The coroner also revealed that Gray had been suffering from heart disease.

Police investigating the death have failed to turn up a prescription for either drug, with officials claiming that criminal proceedings could begin at some point in the future. The coroner revealed that hypodermic needles were found near his body at the hotel room in Iowa.

Slipknot have not commented on the news.

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