Eleven unreleased tracks...

Skream has celebrated reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter with the release of a free download album.

Skream has always kept a close relationship with fans. The dubstep prodigy turned chart star has continually released free material on the download, giving away mp3s as treats to those who follow his ever entertaining Twitter feed.

This week, the producer hatched a plan: reach 100,000 followers and release a full album. Seemingly, the ploy worked with Skream now placing an eleven track compilation of unreleased material online.

Running between 2006 - 2009 the album is - on first listen, at least - a varied, imaginative selection. Something in here for everyone, then...

Download the album HERE.


1. Lemon Drive

2. Smokers

3. Gloitch

4. 2LSD (2D Remix)

5. Fuckin Nutter

6. Maybe It’s For The Best

7. Passion

8. Oiz

9. Shadow’s

10. Woinky

11. Hazey Mind


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