Epic sad face.
Sissy & The Blisters

London garage rock types Sissy & The Blisters have decided to call it a day.

Demented, deranged and downright brilliant Sissy & The Blisters rose from the depths to plunder London's more rough-around-the-edges venues.

Rapidly becoming one of our favourite young live acts, ClashMusic asked the band to support Oberhofer at an East NotEast night last year. Hammering through the Shacklewell Arms, the band seemed on the brink of great things.

Sadly, though, it seems that this won't now be happening. In a short Facebook post this afternoon Sissy & The Blisters explained that lead singer James had departed, forcing them to split up.

The notice in full:

- - -

I'm sad to write that Sissy and the Blisters is no more.

A short few weeks before the debut album was due to be recorded, James has decided to leave for reasons, which unfortunately will probably be left unexplained.

This was a surprise to everyone and we're as gutted as you are that the songs we've been working so hard on over the past year will never be released. We wish him all the best with his choice to leave music and friends behind - but much more importantly, a massive THANK YOU to everyone that did stick by us and helped us achieve more than we thought was possible.

There will no doubt be upcoming projects from the rest of us though, so keep an ear out!

- - -

Sad news. Here's 'Let Her Go'.


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