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Echoes Of Songs

Trish Keenan died three years ago this month, leaving behind her a powerful yet tragically incomplete discography.

Since then, new listeners are continually drawn towards her spell, with Broadcast even piecing together a number of fragments for the 'Berberian Sound Studio OST' project.

Simian Ghost have always admitted a debt to the work of Broadcast, and recently found their own songwriting going in this direction.

Deciding to gather these ideas as a salute to Trish Keenan, the Swedish group pieced together 'Echoes Of Songs'.

Introducing the track, Simian Ghost wrote: "Broadcast was a band that we have all loved and followed for years. Ever since we got the news about Trish passing we wanted to make some kind of tribute to her. During the sessions for The Veil this old song idea came up and we thought it kind of reminded us of Broadcast and I wrote a lyric that is both a humble homage to their music and to her style of writing."

The results are startling. The band really nail that somnambulist, neo-psychedelia which runs through Broadcast's most powerful moments, but with an identity of their own. Respectful but not reverential, it's an interesting look at Keenan's legacy. 

Listen to it now.

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