Frontman to release new record

Jon Thor Birgisson is perhaps best known as the lead singer of Sigur Ros but the Icelandic musician is set to launch another project with the release of the debut album by Riceboy Sleeps.

Sigur Ros have been making celestial music for over a decade now, moving from cult favourites to something approaching mainstream recognition. The band have amassed enough of a fanbase to play a spectacular April Fools' joke on them - publishing a statement on their site claiming they were recording material with Chris Martin.

Sadly, that wasn't true but singer Jon Thor Birgisson is in fact ready to release a new album. Riceboy Sleeps is a new project that sees the singer work with his partner Alex Somers.

The pair are primarily known for their visual art, and have been exhibiting artwork and staging exhibitions together for some time.

The first anyone heard of their recorded material was a stunning track donated to recent charity compilation 'Dark Was The Night'. The song 'Happiness' was a sparse and haunting instrumental contribution, made all the more affecting by the fact it wasn't actually finished.

The forthcoming album is a languid work that evolves over time to produce a lasting and very haunting affect. Spread out over 68 minutes, the album uses only acoustic instruments to craft its spell.

'Riceboy Sleeps' is post-rock, but really instead of surging past new boundaries it seems recall centuries past. At once modern and ancient, the album recalls the ambient work of Brian Eno but has a sound all of its own.

Sadly, it is not known when Sigur Ros will begin recording their new album although the group are due to re-issue their back catalogue (including their rare Iceland only debut album) on hefty vinyl shortly.

Riceboy Sleeps will release their new debut album on July 20th. Tracklisting is as follows:

Atlas Song
Indian Summer
Boy 1904
All The Big Trees
Daníell In The Sea
Sleeping Giant

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