Keyboardist up to the task

Icelandic musician Kjartan Sveinsson is set to take a break from Sigur Ros to score the new film by Irish director Neil Jordan.

The group are no strangers to having their music used in cinemas, notably gaining a massive publicity boost after appearing on the soundtrack to Tom Cruise flick 'Vanilla Sky'.

Sigur Ros' own 'Heima' movie was released in 2007 to great acclaim. According to a message on the band's website Sigur Ros themselves will also contribute tracks to the new movie, which stars Colin Farrell.

Most recently the band have been active campaigning for the preservation of the Icelandic environment. With the credit crunch crippling Iceland's economy, the nation is under threat from the temptation of heavy industry and mining.

Sigur Ros played a joint concert with Bjork in the capital Reykjavik last year, with all proceeds going to the charity Nattura.

The forthcoming film apparently tells the story of an Irish fisherman who find a mermaid tangled in his net.

Also on the soundtrack front, label Fat Cat recently announced the first vinyl issue of the score to 'Angels Of The Universe'. Sigur Ros contributed two songs to the thought provoking movie.

Sigur Ros are to score the new Colin Farrell movie.

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