Coldplay team up suggested

Those Icelandic comedians Sigur Ros have tricked fans after announcing a collaboration with Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

The music of Sigur Ros can be described as many things - celestial, moving, glacial - but rarely are they described as side-splittingly funny. However the band seem to be in the mood for some japes, with a new blog posting teasing fans on April Fools' Day.

The group posting a new bulletin which suggested a collaboration with Chris Martin could be on the cards. The singer shares a love of the falsetto, which is a feature of Sigur Ros' sound. A ear meltingly brilliant as that sounds, it seems to be a prank played on their - the gullible fools!

The statement from the band reads:

"(edit: this part is all true) an update on what the band has been up to lately. recently we announced that jónsi and alex will release an album in the summer, and that kjartan is set to score the film ‘ondine’."

"(edit: this following part was, of course, an april fools day joke)
we are now happy to announce that kjartan will also be writing and arranging strings for 4 songs on coldplay’s as-yet-untitled follow up album to 2008’s acclaimed ‘viva la vida’. kjartan has already completed most of the arrangements, which are set to be recorded in late spring. in addition to kjartan’s contribution, jónsi will join chris martin on vocals on one of the album’s songs. we were fortunate enough to be allowed to visit coldplay’s rehearsal space while jónsi and chris were rehearsing their collaboration, which promises to be nothing short of amazing. we filmed a short video from the session, which is now viewable on youtube here."

For a glimpse of the 'footage' posted by the band just watch below...


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