Jungle innovator returns to his roots...
Shy FX Soon Come

Shy FX is set to return to his roots on new album 'Cornerstone'.

An innovator during the glory days of jungle, Shy FX was there when tempos increased and sub-low frequencies took over. Pushing ahead during the drum and bass years, the producer has continually looked ahead to the new thing, the latest style.

Now, though, Shy FX wants to come full circle. Drawing clear parallels between two generations of bass culture, the jungle pioneer is set to approach reggae on new album 'Cornerstone'.

Due to be released this summer, it finds the Digital Soundboy mainstay exploring a new direction.

New single 'Soon Come' features guest vocals from Liam Bailey, and you can stream the single below.

'Soon Come' is set to be released on July 29th. Expect 'Cornerstone' to drop this summer.

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