New full length due on October 6th...

Shigeto is set to release new album 'The New Monday' on October 6th.

The producer returned to his native Michigan a few years back, fully immersing himself in Detroit's music scene.

New album 'The New Monday' has a flavour of the Motor City, it's lineage of electronic excellence.

“It’s focused on a couple things and they all kind of come together to represent different things,” explains Saginaw about the new album. “My time back in Detroit, back living in Michigan and spending time with a lot of kind of original people who have always been here, learning from them, hearing stories from them, being influenced by them, and inspired by them.”

New cut 'Detroit Part II' is online now, and it's a pared down slice of electronic minimalism with a jazz influence.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Kristin Adamczyk

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