Film set to gain summer release
The Stone Roses

Shane Meadows documentary about The Stone Roses comeback is set to gain a full release this summer.

Inaugurated with a simple press conference, The Stone Roses' re-union was one of 2012's most talked about events. Swinging back into action, the band played an epic, historic three night stand at Heaton Park which brought together hundreds of thousands of fans from across the globe.

One of them had a camera. Shade Meadows was invited to document the re-union, with the results to be gathered in a new documentary which will see the light of day this summer.

Travelling with the band, the film maker was granted stunning access to the band. Following The Stone Roses around the world, the resulting film contains some truly special moments including the only official footage of the Manchester band’s live performances from their comeback tour.

A quote from Shane Meadows: “When Ian Brown rang me to tell me my favourite band of all time was getting back together again, it was like every Roses fan’s wildest dreams were coming true. People tell you that you can’t recapture your youth, it won’t be the same. I don’t believe that. I’m going to make up for the nightmare of a lifetime at 17 years old, being sat in a flat having a bad trip when I could have been at Spike Island, being part of one of the most momentous things ever.”

Meanwhile, Katherine Butler, Film4 Senior Commissioning Executive and Executive Producer on the film says: “It’s hard to think of a film that could be any more exciting – a combination of Shane’s wonderfully insightful directorial eye, the seminal genius of The Stone Roses, and our brilliant friends at Warp – what else is there to say? We’re thrilled.”

Currently in post-production, Shane Meadows' documentary will hit cinemas in late spring / early summer.


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