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Next in line in the Sex Pistols reissues is ‘Pretty Vacant’, which is to be released on July 2nd via Universal Records.

The record will be released as a very limited edition 7” picture disc - exactly 35 years to the day it was originally released.

Although the industry, people and music have changed, Lydon’s snarling vocals that timelessly communicate ‘AND WE DON’T CARE!’ along with the intense build up of the guitar and drums combo still resonate with every generation’s angry and lost youth, making it a collectors item worth dragging back up.

The Sex Pistols' third single arrived in the wake of the controversy that its predecessor 'God Save The Queen' spread across the UK as an alternative to the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

Upon its original release 35 years ago, 'Pretty Vacant' reached the Top Ten in the UK charts. But don’t think about starting any sort of campaign to get this to number one, as Lydon recently expressed his distaste for the ‘God Save The Queen’ reissue campaign. "I am proud of what the Sex Pistols achieved and always will be,” said the frontman. “But this campaign totally undermines what the Sex Pistols stood for.”

Asked for a comment on this latest release, John Lydon said only: "This is the Pretty Vacünt press release. Thank you."

Don’t hang about if you want a copy of the seminal single though, as only 3500 limited edition 7" picture discs will be available via Universal Music.

Their iconic album 'Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols' will also be reissued in September of this year as an expanded and repacked release to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of its release. It is unclear though whether the band itself will celebrate the occasion in any way.

'Pretty Vacant' will be re-issued on July 2nd.

Words by Jamie Carson

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