Punk legend for Hawaiian retreat

A member of perhaps Britain's most iconic punk group Sex Pistols will be on hand at a new musical boot camp to put aspiring musicians through their places.

Glen Matlock was pivotal to the sound of the early Sex Pistols. The bass player wrote much of the music for the band's hits, including their infamous punk classic 'God Save The Queen'. However relations within the band soured and Matlock was jettisoned for allegedly owning a record by The Beatles.

Matlock then went on to enjoy a lengthy career in the music industry, beginning with new wave group Rich Kids. The musician's autobiography 'I Was A Teenage Sex Pistol' is one of the most lucid guides to the band, and Matlock has performed with the Sex Pistols throughout the world since their reformation.

The punk bassist will join an all star cast at the Honolulu retreat. Called 'The Rock And Roll Experience' is seems like the ultimate holiday, containing members of Blondie, The Beach Boys, MC5 and Devo.

The five day event will contain workshops, seminars, band rehearsals, private lessons and jam sessions. Taking place between October 7th - 11th, the week will climax with an all star jam.

Amongst the stars who have signed up for the event are Devo bassist Gerald V. Casale, The Beach Boys' guitarist Al Jardine, MC5's Wayne Kramer, and Blondie's Clement Burke.

Clem Burke is one of the definitive new wave drummers, whose musicianship buoyed the music of Blondie as it shifted through punk to disco and then reggae. Still touring regularly, Blondie are one of the era's best loved groups.

Rock And Roll Experience takes place between October 7th - 11th.

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