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Screening of the Warriors at London Fields

Short of hooking up in a lay by, the organisers Future Shorts & Future Cinema (in association with Windows Phone) have created an interactive, film going experience akin to attending an old school rave.

Every month a site-specific screening will take place at a relevant location, incorporating live installations, soundtrack re-scores and the occasional special guest; Ridley Scott introduced the recent Alien screening in a disused Shoreditch warehouse to an audience clad in boiler suits.

A veritable dream for cinephiles, this is big screen magic taken to a whole new level. Imagine the excitement as you try to guess the film from the venue directions (there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to such a practice). If you’ve ever fancied watching a movie in a disused railway tunnel or at the Royal Academy of Arts, here’s your chance…

“The true spirit of underground cinema” – The Guardian

Expect a plethora of cinema gold in conjunction with special previews and late night cult classics. The Warriors saw denim clad gang members converging on London fields and for Bugsy Malone London’s Troxy Theatre was dressed to the nines, replete with cigarette girls, on stage band and bootleggers in the streets…frankly, if your inner nine year old isn’t jumping with joy at the prospect then your love affair with the silver screen is at an end.

For more information visit http://www.secretcinema.org

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