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Seb Rochford is set to continue his new series of singles with a Leo Abrahams collaboration.

One of the most forward thinking musicians to emerge from the British jazz scene over the past decade, Seb Rochford thrives on collaboration. Launching his new singles club 'Days And Nights At The Takeway', the artist intends to break down some barriers.

Dropping on the last Friday of the month (aka pay day) the second instalment in the series features a collaboration with Leo Abrahams. Matching two well respected avant garde musicians, the results feature distorted electronics, left field classical nuances and an instrument apparently called 'a Luminist Garden'.

Set to be released on February 24th, the single comes equipped with a remix courtesy of Pete Wareham.

Stream 'Faint Eligible Remains' below.

Photo Credit: Ranjana Ghatak

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