'God Damn You Mountain' due on Fence

Seamus Fogarty is set to release his debut album 'God Damn You Mountain' through Fence this Spring.

Hailing from the West of Ireland, word about Seamus Fogarty has been spreading for some time. His delicate performances, his surreal, gently humorous songwriting all combine to spark a cult following.

Hooking up with Fence Records following a fateful performance at Homegame, the Fife based imprint are now planning to release Seamus Fogarty's debut album 'God Damn You Mountain' this Spring.

At home on a roster with plenty of acoustic clad misfits - Lone Pigeon, Pictish Trail, Rozi Plain we're looking at you - Seamus Fogarty's songwriting contains a gently individual streak which makes him difficult to place.

Watch that fateful performance at Homegame below to get the gist of what we're blabbering on about.

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Pre-orders for 'God Damn You Mountain' are available now. As an incentive, Fence are giving away a free remix (by Geese) for every one received before the official release date.

Details HERE.

'God Damn You Mountain' is due to be released this Spring.

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