New album due on December 3rd
Bish Bosch

Scott Walker is set to release his new album 'Bish Bosch' through 4AD on December 3rd.

Much rumoured, Scott Walker has finally confirmed the release of a new studio album. 'Bish Bosch' - a pun on the Dutch painter - will be available from December 3rd, with 4AD helping bring the record out to the waiting world. Launching the campaign, 4AD have set up a website for the album. The Wire's own Rob Young supplies an in depth article, which contains elements of an interview with the legendary songwriter himself. Seemingly, work on the new album began back in 2009 and continued sporadically across a three year period. 

For someone known for lengthy periods of artistic isolation, the Noughties have been surprisingly fertile for Scott Walker: 'Bish Bosch' is his second album in a decade, while the songwriter also worked on the ROH2 ballet 'Duet for One Voice'.

Typically ambitious, 'Bish Bosch' veers from nation to nation, touching on the death of one time Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, contradictions in the Bible and how dimples resist the ageing process. The full article by Rob Young contains countless more details, and is well worth reading in its own right. Find it HERE.

Here's a pre-order link.

'Bish Bosch' is set to be released on December 3rd.


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