New material in the offing

American punk pioneers Devo have spoken about working with Brooklyn singer Santigold.

Devo turned rock 'n' roll on its head. The Akron, Ohio group's irreverent take on pop culture saw them cover The Rolling Stones, storm the Billboard charts and help spark the punk revolution - all with plant pots on their head.

Currently working on their first album in two decades, Devo have recruited some company to help inspire them. Brooklyn songwriter Santigold has been working with the group, and Devo were keen to talk up her contributions.

Speaking to American magazine Pitchfork the band revealed that they felt a conscious need to have younger artists involved.

"She's really great. She's a good person" explained Mark Mothers. "Devo was very insular in the past, and that's because people didn't understand us, were confused about our message. But when we were writing songs for this record originally, everybody in the band had a different preconception of what a new album would be like."

"I thought the idea of these younger people that are more connected with current music listening to Devo and bringing their preconceptions to what they think Devo is about" he continued.

"And now, people that do understand what de-evolution is and what Devo's about are going to work with us. I was hoping for people to bring as much to the table as when we did our version of the Stones' song. It was a delight to hear what she did with our music and to get to work with other people."

Devo are set to perform at the Winter Olympics later this month. Sessions for the band's new album are ongoing.

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