Reclusive techno legends come out of the darkness...
Sandwell District

Sandwell District have soared back into view, with the techno renegades set to take charge of a new mix for Fabric.

Founded in 2002, Sandwell District spent the next decade fusing techno's cerebral qualities with its more upfront, dancefloor derived elements. Seem to shutter last year, the project issued a statement which explained that the possibility "of future, albeit irregular print communications with audio accompaniment" could not be ruled out.

Now it seems that those "communications" have come to pass. Sandwell District are to take charge of 'fabric 69' with Function (Dave Sumner) and Regis (Karl O’Connor) spearheading the mix. Influenced by Function’s working process, the mix shares parallels to his work with influential Berlin imprint OstGut Ton.

Regis explains: “I outlined some sections/tracks that I thought might work with his, I sent him rough 10 minute drafts for him to listen to and try and work into the main flow. The final mixdown was done by Dave, as he had gone over the whole mix hundreds of times fine tuning the detail, it made sense for him to execute the mix proper.”

Glancing at the tracklisting, it's clear that this instalment of the Fabric series is much more than a mere mix. Nodding towards Sandwell District influences, the mix points to potential future paths for one of the most musically literate, intelligent and forward thinking labels in techno. Ultimately, though, as Function explains, this is a mix which echoes the club experience. “fabric is currently one of only a handful of clubs that are viewed globally. I had wanted to play there for years and when I finally did it exceeded my expectations. I loved the fact that it's not really in a building but in a labyrinth of underground tunnels. Pretty much how a nightclub focused on proper electronic music is meant to be.”

'fabric 69' is set to be released on April 22nd. The mix will be launched at fabric on April 20th, with Sandwell District set to appear alongside Rrose (Live) and Terry Francis. Other names on the line up include Matthias Tanzmann, Laura Jones, Craig Richards, Prosumer and Murat.

1 Silent Servant - A Path Eternal [Hospital Productions] 

2 Function - Voiceprint (Loop/Edit) [Ostgut Ton]

3 VCMG - Spock (Regis Remix) (Loop/Edit) [Mute] 

4 Boyd Rice / Frank Tovey - Extraction 7 [Mute] 

5 Raime - Exist In The Repeat Of Practice [Blackest Ever Black] 

6 Ike Yard - Loss (Regis Version) [Blackest Ever Black / Desire] 

7 Vatican Shadow - Church Of All Images (Regis Version) [Blackest Ever Black] 

8 Fiedel - Andreas (Bonus Beats) [Fiedelone]

9 Cub - CU2 (UST Funk Mix) [Cub]

10 Mary Velo - Detune [Frozen Border]

11 JPLS - Basis [Minus]

12 Rrose - Wedge [Eaux]

13 Ø - Syväys [Sähkö]

14 Rrose - Wedge [Eaux] 

15 Function - Modifier [Ostgut Ton]

16 Carl Craig - Darkness [Planet E]

17 Markus Suckut - Hunt [Figure SPC]

18 Samuel Kerridge - Waiting For Love Part 1 [Downwards]

19 Untold - Motion The Dance [Hemlock]

20 Surgeon - As You Breathe Here Now [Semantica]

21 Mark Ernestus - Mark Ernestus Meets BBC [Honest Jon's] 

22 Plastikman - Plasticine [Plus 8]

23 Trevino - Uptight [Klockworks] 

24 VCMG - Spock (Regis Remix) [Mute]

25 Planetary Assault Systems - Flat Tire [Mote-Evolver]

26 Factory Floor - 16-2-16-9-20-1-14-9-7 [Blast First Petite] 

27 James Ruskin - Into A Circle [Jealous God Music]

28 SS/S - Sicario de Dios: Siglo 2 [Jealous God Music]

29 Laurent Garnier - At Night [F Communications]

30 Function - Voiceprint (Reprise) [Ostgut Ton]


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