Police investigate alleged battery incident...
Kanye West

One of the most high profile performers on the planet, Kanye West attracts more than his fair share trouble.

Spending 2013 in the headlines, the rapper must have hoped for a quiet year. Sadly, though, with 2014 only a few weeks old the hip hop icon is facing legal battles on a number of different fronts.

Most pressingly, police in Los Angeles are investigating allegations of battery. According to a statement from the Beverly Hills Police Department, the incident took place on Monday (January 13th) with TMZ reporting that Kanye West confronted a youthful who had hurled racial slurs at his wife Kim Kardashian. (via BBC)

A follow up investigation is currently taking place, while Kanye West has thus far refused to comment on the incident.

Elsewhere, Kanye West's legal team have intensified action against Amazon and the Coinye West parody. A spoof currency, Coinye West is run in the same manner as other peer-to-peer currencies such as Bitcoin.

TMZ reports that since Amazon profits from the success of the currency, the company is also in the sights of West's lawyers. However it looks as though Kanye West has already won. The Coinye West official website is now blank, save for a simple note, saying:

"Coinye is dead. You win, Kanye."

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