Check out the damage...
Water Rats

A roof collapse at London venue Water Rats has caused severe damage to the venue.

Located just beyond King's Cross, Water Rats is one of London's more historic venues for live music. Located around the corner from the Scala, it has long been a hub for new artists and those who simply long for something more intimate.

Capped at 250, the venue was due to host Israel Nash on Sunday night (October 13th) when the roof collapsed.

The incident occurred just before soundcheck was due to take place, meaning that thankfully no one was hurt. The show was moved to the Slaughtered Lamb at short notice, with emergency repairs being carried out on Water Rats.

Clash has just received a phone call from Symptomatic, responsible for booking shows at the Water Rats. Seemingly, much of the damage was merely aesthetic with the structure of the building remaining entirely unaffected. Engineers are repairing the area, with the venue set to re-open on Friday (October 18th).

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