Looks like sun!

The latest weather predictions for RockNess are in - and it looks like sunshine!

RockNess has a reputation for sunshine - at least in the ClashMusic office. Journeying up to the Highlands in 2008 the team forgot to pack decent sun-cream, and wound up resembling a bunch of lobsters.

Last year, though, the spell was broken. The Dores site suffered a deluge and, despite spirits running high the whole weekend, the sight of sunshine racing across the beautiful loch side site was sorely missed.

So fans are desperate to know what the weather will be like at this year's event. Headliners include The Chemical Brothers, Kasabian and Paolo Nutini with fans beginning to make their way to the Dores site.

The BBC weather team have been monitoring the situation and their current predictions make for pleasing reading. The site opens on Thursday (June 9th) with sunny spells and maximums of 13 degrees Celsius anticipated.

The music starts on Friday (June 10th) and temperatures are due to reach a high of 15 degrees Celsius. At night though, things could get rather chilly with lows of 4 degrees Celsius predicted.

The festival continues on Saturday (June 11th) with some clouds predicted. However the sun should shine through, with highs of 13 degrees Celsius anticipated while the site should stay at a sedate 9 degrees Celsius overnight.

Sadly, though, Sunday's weather could take a turn for the worse. Clouds are due to appear, with light rain showers predicted by the BBC weather team. Temperatures will remain stable at 12 degrees Celsius, while overnight the site will stay at 6 degrees Celsius.

RockNess runs between June 10th - 12th.

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