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Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard is preparing a flurry of releases, check out a breakdown below.

Robert Pollard just can't stop. Honestly, if the American songwriter got himself stuck in a list for 30 minutes he would emerge with a double album, artwork intact.

Helming Guided By Voices, the group are now lining up a new album. 'The Bears For Lunch' will be released on November 12th, and marks the band's third LP of 2012 - a stunning work rate by anyone's standards.

Elsewhere, Guided By Voices have posted the video for new single 'Keep It In Motion'. Taken from recent album 'Class Clown Spots A UFO' you can watch the clip below courtesy of Adult Swim.

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Elsewhere, Robert Pollard is set to release his new solo album 'Jack Sells A Cow' on September 17th. His second solo LP of the year, it takes Pollard's work rate up to an astounding five full studio albums in 12 months.

As if that wasn't enough, Fire Records are preparing a retrospective of his Boston Spaceships project. Due to distribution issues, the bulk of the post-GBV project only saw release in the United States but 'The Greatest Hits Of Boston Spaceships: Out Of The Universe By Sundown' should activate interest on this side of the Atlantic.

Out on October 1st, it looks to be a potent primer for a band whose own brand of surreal, touching songcraft shouldn't be obscured by the mighty shadow of Guided By Voices.

Oh, and Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell recently declared July 2012 to be GBV Month in Dayton, Ohio. Watch the proclamation HERE.

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