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Riskie, a.k.a. Ronald Brent, was the Compton aerosol artist  responsible for Tupac’s artwork. Since the demise of both Tupac and Death Row Records, he has been steadily grafting away at his unusual pictures of the surrealities of the ‘hood, decorating various canvases from walls to trainers to softball helmets and ice boxes.

 But now, with the imminent opening of his Compton studio on North Bullis Road, Tha Inkwell, his canvases are about to become a whole lot bigger – in every way.

Next week, he will be telling Clash magazine about his start in the aerosol business, how it saved him from the street and a life as a dope-pusher, and his time and work at Death row – most specifically, Tupac’s thinking and vision behind the prophetic Makaveli album cover.

Words by Nina Bandreshwar


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