...and opens a pizza shop

The following is based on real events, no matter how outlandish...

Macaulay Culkin is - after all this time - instantly recognisable. There he is, in a flannel shirt, long blonde hair reaching down to a chin speckled with blonde stubble.

Stood in front of a pizza oven. It's only appropriate, of course, given that the one-time child star now seems to spend an inordinate amount of time singing about pizza.

Bringing his ad hoc comedy group The Pizza Underground to London, the actor agreed to help open Clapton's newest pizza restaurant, The Yard Sale.

It's a bizarre experience, watching a group of grown adults breeze through a short set of Velvet Underground (and related) cover songs.

Barely able to keep a straight face, Macaulay turns Lou Reed's ode to scoring heroin, 'I'm Waiting For The Man', into 'I'm Waiting For The Delivery Man'. 'All Tomorrow's Parties' - that gloriously minimalist piece - swiftly becomes 'All The Pizza Parties', while even Nico's adorable version of 'These Days' is re-tooled as 'Cheese Days'.

And so forth. It's immature, it's silly and... it kinda works. What seems to be a party trick which has spiralled out of control, The Pizza Underground keep things brief - the entire performance probably takes a little less than 15 minutes, less time than some people take to eat a single slice.

Outrageously silly and hopelessly surreal, it's nonetheless a heartwarming experience to watch an actor still dogged by his iconic status behave in such a gleefully childish fashion.

For more information on the Yard Sale click HERE. Catch The Pizza Underground on BandCamp HERE.

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