Michael Stipe Turns Designer

Iconic French sportwear firm Lacoste have announced that REM's iconic frontman will design a special one off T-shirt for their new range.

While pop and fashion frequently intermingle, French giants Lacoste rarely dip their toes in those dangerous waters. However, it seems the lure of a credible multi-million selling artist was too great to resist.

Stipe has long been known for his innovative approach to fashion. Having worn virtually every hat under the sun, massively over sized jumpers and painted his head blue Stipe has consistently challenged his own iconic status. Teaming up with Lacoste has brought a new angle to both the REM man's innovative style and the French firm's prestigious heritage.

Founded in 1933 by French tennis champion Rene Lacoste, the firm is one of the most iconic sportwear firms in existence. The new shirt will be one to remember, with the product description calling it "a monumental two tone photographic image" of a crowd that "contrasts against colors of the Lacoste petit pique fabric that both obliterates detail and accentuates silhouette."

That's it there on the left. Thoughts?

The polo comes in several different colors and will be limited edition only. The Michael Stipe / Lacoste polo is available now.

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