Containing fan club singles...

R.E.M. have hinted that their fan-club only singles could be gathered onto a new box set.

Resigning with admirable grace, R.E.M. have always refused the notion of a re-union. Therefor fans must placate themselves with 'new' releases - compilations which comb their back catalogue for lesser heralded gems.

Running an extremely well regarded fan club, R.E.M. frequently released limited edition singles for their followers. Now it seems that these recordings will be given a wider release, with a charity box set being mooted.

Guitarist Peter Buck revealed the plan to the BBC. "There were like 24 of them, which makes about 50 songs," he said. "We'll put them in a big box set for charity one day."

Reflecting on the singles series, the guitarist explained that the band themselves were enormous fans of the scheme. "I just liked the idea," he said. "I was never in the Beatles fan club but... I really liked the fact you would get a weird thing in the mail every year. So every year, REM put out a record. It was all material that had never been released anywhere else."

The singles are already collector's items, and feature guest appearances from the likes of Neil Young and members of Radiohead. As the BBC point out, the releases now fetch enormous sums online with one complete set currently on sale at for £750.

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