New album draws close

American songwriter Regina Spektor is set to release her new album 'Far' soon, and has given a new interview in which she reveals her fascination with religious themes.

The Strokes and her appearance on 'First Impressions Of Earth' launched Regina Spektor into the mainstream.

However all this is a long way from Spektor's childhood in the Soviet Union. Under the Communist regime organised religion of any kind was discouraged, but the songwriter seems fascinated by religious belief and imagery.

Speaking to American magazine Spin Regina Spektor said "I'm always fascinated with faith, religion, and spirituality, and what those things are to each other, or how they come together or don't come together."

"When I was done with this record I was like, "Whoa, I have a lot of stuff here that's just about, like, religion." Which is amazing. It wasn't planned, but it's one of those concepts that my mind is just fascinated with, and I'm always mulling over. Sometimes I'm really positive about religion, but, you know, sometimes I'm really sarcastic about it, too. Hey, that's God, that's life!"

The singer is also asked about her writing routine, with Regina Spektor replying that there is really no structure to the way she works.

"I just live and live and live for a while, and do whatever I'm doing, and then one day I get a moment, and I'll just sit down and it just happens. Sometimes I write little lines down, little thoughts to remember, but I never end up using them."

"Actually, I end up having all these little notes that are not in any songs. You know the "To Do" lists that some people write, but never look at again? It's like that. And later when I find them I feel like I've done everything already."

Regina Spektor releases her new album 'Far' on June 22nd.

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