Mixed weekend in store...

The latest weather forecasts indicate a mixed weekend for revellers at Reading and Leeds.

With Glastonbury out the way, many festivals have tried to seize centre stage on the summer calendar. In terms of sheer numbers, though, few can come close to twin site gargantuan Reading and Leeds.

Thousands of fans are beginning to make their way to the event, which opens fully tomorrow. As usual, weather is the most important factor and it seems that fans can look forward to a mixed weekend.

Sadly, it seems that Friday will be dominated by rain. The latest reports indicate that heavy, thundery showers will dominate the day before beginning to ease off at night. The site will be dry overnight, with Saturday morning opening with relatively calm conditions.

Sadly, as Saturday progresses the rain should return and by the evening the site will be blustery. Sunday will progress with more wet weather, but there is a chance that the rain will ease off by the time Foo Fighters bring proceedings to a close.

Sadly, it seems that conditions in Leeds will mirror the Southern site. Friday will open with wet, damp weather while Saturday will see conditions worsen.

The site is expected to be damp and blustery, with heavy mud predicted. Sunday could even see temperatures dipping, with weather forecasts indicating that the site could struggle to move above 15 degrees Celsius.

Reading & Leeds runs between August 24th - 26th.

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