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Returning rap megastar Eminem is set for a blast from the past when his debut album 'Infinite' is released as a free download.

Eminem is due to release his new album 'Relapse' on May 18th. His first album in five years it is keenly awaited by fans, who have only had his autobiography 'The Way I Am' to placate them.

Recorded with Dr Dre at the controls, sessions were apparently so fruitful that the rapper could be set to release another album later in the year. The new record was preceded by the single 'We Made You', a celebrity baiting rant that was accompanied by a typically hilarious video.

Eminem is due to perform at the MTV Movie Awards soon, his first public performance in some time. Huge hype surrounds the release of 'Relapse', which is set to become a genuine cultural event.

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All of this is a far cry from Eminem's early career. A struggling rapper, the hip hop icon recorded his debut album 'Infinite' in 1996, using Detroit's Bassment studios. Essentially early demos, the album was released by Web Entertainment and features the young Marshall Mathers struggling to find his own style.

Including raps about his early life, and his struggle to raise newborn daughter Hailie Jade Scott, 'Infinite' is a fascinating if not exactly groundbreaking album. The album went nowhere commercially, and sent Eminem back to the drawing board with his next release - 'The Slim Shady EP' - introducing a now infamous alter ego.

Of course, Web Entertainment would come back to haunt Eminem. In a recent court case the record company attempted to gain more royalties from the rapper based on digital downloads, but were rebuffed by the judge.

Long since deleted, Eminem's cohort 50 Cent has made the album available as a free download on his official website. Amongst the guest stars on 'Infinite' are the likes of fellow D-12 members Kon Artis, Eye-Kyu and late rapper Proof.

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Eminem is set to release new album 'Relapse' on May 18th.

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