Country icon out on bail

Country icon Randy Travis has been arrested after crashing his car while allegedly driving under the influence.

Country music is littered with tales of high profile stars ruined by alcohol. It's a sad, tawdry lineage which sadly seems to be including Randy Travis.

One of the most successful country stars of the past few decades, the singer was stopped by police for driving while intoxicated earlier this year. Last night, though, reports emerged that Randy Travis has become embroiled in a yet another incident.

Billboard reports that a Texas trooper arrested Randy Travis last night in Tioga, a town just north of Dallas. The singer had reportedly crashed his car, was naked and covered in cuts and bruises.

The singer refused to take a breathalyser test, but police claim that he displayed obvious signs of intoxication. According to Billboard, police at the scene attempted to ascertain Travis' state through interrogation.

Asked if he had been drinking, the singer said: "Yes, sir, I have... But I am not driving, as you can see."

Taken to a local police station, Randy Travis was given partial clothing for his booking photo. Alongside allegations of driving while intoxicated the singer was also charged with threatening to kill the arresting officers - a charge which could earn him six years in prison.

Posting the $21,500 bail the singer was then allowed to leave, but not before American paparazzi shot the star leaving without any shoes.

It's a bizarre case, but follows on from his lengthy divorce suit and a similar incident earlier this year.

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