Unreleased from gem from The God MC circa 1995...

Rakim - Bring It On

Unreleased material from Rakim (a.k.a. The God MC) is like gold dust to old school rap heads. So you can imagine the joy they must be feeling when they heard this unreleased track from 1995 produced by Dominic Owen. The producer himself uploaded it onto Soundcloud.

The unreleased track is the second Dominic Owen has released on the Internet, last month he uploaded another unreleased Rakim track from '95, 'New York To Cali'.

'Bring It On' was recorded at Brooklyn's High Class Studios between his final album with Eric B, 'Don't Sweet The Technique' and his first solo LP 'The 18th Letter'. Why it was unreleased remains a mystery, a track like this would've fit perfectly on 'The 18th Letter'.

Although we'll never know why, this unearthed gem from 'the MC who gave birth to so many other rappers styles' should whet your appetite.

Rakim - New York To Cali

Words by Jerry Gadiano


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