Inspired by Indian classical music...

Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood is set to score an orchestral piece for an Australian ensemble.

Jonny Greenwood has never hid his orchestral ambitions. The guitarist has continually name-checked avant garde producers, while his own solo work has frequently diverted into this area.

Now the musician has unveiled his next project. The Radiohead guitarist is set to compose a piece inspired by Indian classical music, working with the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Set to be unveiled next year, Jonny Greenwood said of the project: "I’m so used to closely recorded sounds, it’s always a jolt to realise that the ‘in the room’ sound of an orchestra is a different animal from a recording".

Sparked by a workshop in Sydney, the piece took shape following a trip to India, with the guitarist commenting: "The space in Indian classical music and the textures were a big influence on the commission". (via FACT)

Titled 'Water', the piece is set to be performed at the following dates:

26 Melbourne Arts Centre
27 Melbourne Arts Centre
29 Perth (venue tbc)

1 Canberra (venue tbc)
2 Sydney Opera House

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