'Satellite' / 'The Daily Mail' gain official release

Radiohead have made 'From The Basement' available on DVD - giving 'Satellite' and 'The Daily Mail' an official release.

In one band can be said to have defined the ClashMusic news feed in 2011, then that band are Radiohead.

The Oxford giants dropped 'The King Of Limbs' earlier this year, giving fans minimal preparation time. Available in an expansive format, Thom Yorke even took to the streets of London to give away the band's own newspaper.

Since then, Radiohead have released a string of remixes while Thom Yorke recently popped up at the Occupy London Christmas party.

Seeing out 2011 in style, Radiohead are today (December 19th) releasing a DVD version of 'From The Basement'. The Nigel Godrich helmed show invites bands to perform live in his basement, and Radiohead responded with a typically wonderful set.

Containing 'The King Of Limbs' in its entirety, the DVD version of 'From The Basement' also includes versions of two sought after Radiohead tracks: 'The Daily Mail' and 'Satellite'.

With rumours of a full British tour next year, 2012 could well see Radiohead continuing their domination of the news feed. Until then, watch the 'From The Basement' performances of both 'The Daily Mail' and 'Satellite' below...

Radiohead - The Daily Mail

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Radiohead - Staircase

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